About the House

The House

The House was built by 1911 by Thomas Frederick “Fred” Howarth, shown sitting in the rocking chair.  Fred was a 60 year employee and vice president of Simond Saw and Steel Company, now Simonds International, in Fitchburg.  The photo with the trowel was the laying of the cornerstone for one of the first “windowless” manufacturing plants ever built.

Fred was married to Lillian Kittredge from California. Fred and Lillian had three children, Geraldine, Everett, and Kingsley.

Geraldine married Austin W. Fisher and had two sons, Austin Jr. and Keitredge.

Everett married Hilda Morse.

We have reason to believe the house was possibly designed by HM Francis as the addition, now the “fire room”, was designed by Oscar A. Thayer of Boston. He studied under and worked for many years for Francis before leaving for Boston to work with Peabody & Stearns, George F. Newton and then out on his own.  

The grounds were designed by renowned landscape architect Herbert J. Kellaway. Kellaway, was born in Sevanoaks Kent, England and came to America in 1874. He worked for landscape architect Frederick Law Omsted & Co until he went out on his own in 1906.  He was an early guardian for nature and protested “pollution of streams as an unnecessary adjunct to sewage disposal”

Much of the original history and photography of the house and the Howarth’s has come from  Arthur “Moe” Howarth.

Moe is the grandson of Fred Howarth.  Below he is pictured with his wife,  Meliss in the living room.  While they were here for a visit in 2012.

The Howarth’s then sold the house to Walter and Dottie Lowe. Mr. Lowe was associated with the Falulah Paper Company in Fitchburg. Lore has it that when Ronald Reagan was associated with the GE Theater television show, he visited Fitchburg while on a 12 plant tour in 1954, and then attended a cocktail party here at the Lowe’s home. I’m continuing to search for more information on the Lowe’s years on Ross St.

The Lowe’s then sold this home to Dr. Philip F.M. Gilley Jr. and his wife Joan in 1962.  Dr. Gilley was an orthodontist in Fitchburg, and installed the pool in the walled garden area of the house. They raised their daughter Pamela, and two sons, Philip F.M. Gilley III and Carl in the home.

We purchased the house in 1994 from Phil and Joan and have come to love all that it offers. We’ve raised our two daughters, Bridget and Carly who, like the other owners and children raised here, will have a lifetime of wonderful and adventurous memories.

Our two children have grown and are moving on in life, and the house seems too big for just Linda and I.  Hence the birth of the B&B in 2009.  Started with one room we now offer the full compliment of 3 guest rooms, all with modern en-suite bathrooms and all the beauty this house and grounds has to offer.

We hope you find this history captures your interest enough to want to come and have a stay.  The house beckons “A Warm Welcome”.


The Belliveau’s

As we find out more history on the house and its previous owners we’ll continue to add to this page.  If you have any related history on the house or its previous owners please feel free to contact me at brian@howarthhouse.com

Everett and Hilda Howarth, son of Fred and father and mother of Moe.
Moe and Melliss

Above, Everett and Hilda (Morse) Howarth, son of Fred and father and mother of Moe. Standing and sitting in the chair to the right is Moe and Melliss, his wife during their visit in 2012.

The old coy pond, which had been filled in prior to our purchasing the hoje and is now under where the stone patio and fire pit lies.