table and chairs in the garden
outdoor dining area
kitchen island
indoor breakfast area

As Sarah and Ryan begin their journey there will be a few breakfast changes:

Full menu breakfasts will be offered on weekends and on weekdays with the reduced room rate a lovely continental breakfast will be offered!

Coffee / Teas


Fresh Fruit

Eggs and Omelets cooked your way with all your fixings.



Sliced Ham

Pancakes with blueberries we picked at a local farm.

Texas French Toast

Various Breads, Rolls & Muffins

jams, jellies,

Click on the Menu, You’ll get the idea...

dining table
romantic dinner table
outdoor dining table
fancy dining table

Eventually everyone has to leave,

but we know you won’t leave hungry...

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Click to see the menu/selection card.

Breakfasts are served from 7:00 to 9:30 on weekdays

8:00 to 9:30 on weekends and holiday

Due to changes effective Oct. 2018 in Massachusetts Sanitary Food Code 105 CMR 590.000 food that is prepared in a residential Bed and Breakfast kitchen is not regulated and inspected by the FC-regulatory authority any more...That said we will always adhere to consistent Serve Safe practices!