Due to the Covid Crisis and our need to assure guest

and owner safety during your stay


Abide by the following:

First and Foremost, if you have any of the known Covid symptoms or have been in recent contact with anyone that has tested positive for Covid in the last 14 days, please do not come to the B&B and advise us of any such situation if you have already made a reservation.

The B&B building and grounds are for guests only.  Unless previous expressed written (email) permission is given, please keep visits with friends and relatives to off site locations.

Masks must be worn when inside the buildings and social spacing must be maintained between other guest parties staying at the B&B.

Please keep room doors closed during your stay, whether you are in the room or not.

Room service/cleaning will only be done at the end of your stay to minimize exposure.  If rubbish needs to be removed please place the basket in front of your room door or bring rubbish bagged to the garage and let us know to dispose. For rubbish with food waste that needs to be removed from the guest room or other areas please do NOT bring rubbish into the kitchen.

The Pool is open to our guests. The Pool hours are until 9 p.m. unless otherwise advised and the pool / patio area closes at midnight.  Consideration must be given for noise for other guests staying at the B&B.

Please bring your own pool towels as we do not have enough nor enough time to process and clean the towels each day.  If towels are given to you please keep them at your location and bring to your room when done at the pool and reuse again later.

The minifridge by the pool is for owner provided water and seltzers for guests.  Due to Covid it is no longer for use by guests to store personal food and drink.

The first floor bathroom is for owner use only. Please use your ensuite restroom in your guestroom. This again, is due to covid restrictions and sanitization issues.

As has always been the case with Board of Health codes, the Kitchen is private and off limits to guest access. Please stay just outside the door if you need to talk to us when we are in the kitchen or preparing food.

On an additional note:

PETS are only on a case by case permission, need to be leashed unless out on the grass out front. Owners must clean up after their pets. Only housebroken and friendly, quiet dogs are welcome. We have a large golden mix on premis also.

Thank you for your assistance in keeping all of us healthy and safe during these trying and somewhat crazy times we are living in.


Brian & Linda Belliveau

Howarth House Bed and Breakfast