Your Hosts

Linda is a medical technologist who now works per diem when needed after 31 years in the field.  

She and I both enjoy the great outdoors and activities such as cycling and kayaking.  We can steer you to some very nice waters, all within an hours drive.

Seeing retirement start to creep into the horizon we felt it was time to plan and work to make our dream of the house being a B&B a reality, which we did and we opened in 2009.

Linda and Brian

In March of 2014 I retired as a Deputy Chief with the Fire Department in the City of Fitchburg.  After a little over 35 years of “doing the job” I felt it was time to hang up the helmet..  Now I have the time to dedicate all my efforts to the B&B. If you have any fire service connections you will love the “Fire Room” where I have collected antiques and memorabilia all my life.  I am sure we’ll share a story or two.

Presently we have no dogs or cats residing at the B&B

Tucker the dog on lap

Tucker...Luna, and Bear

Luna the cat
Tucker and Bear the dogs on a couch
Close up Bear's face

For those of you who have come the the Howarth House since we opened in 2009 you were likely checked in by our meeter and greeter... Tucker. We had to let him go after a far too short fight with cancer on January 23rd, 2015.  Hearts are heavy and the B&B won't be quite the same without him if you like dogs… I put together a video snapshot into his lucky life with us, and our lucky life with him. We'll miss you buddy.

Luna too has moved on and the B&B is pet free

If you have pictures from a stay here with Tucker in them, please email a copy if you don’t mind. Thanks

Tucker’s Video

Very early visitors to the Howarth House were also met by a sweetheart Newfoundland named Bear.  She passed in 2010. How we miss her sweet eyes, the companionship and even the mischief she could get Tucker into.  They were great buddies...


After four long years of not having a dog in our lives and the lives of our guests we finally met the right rescue.

He's a year and a half old Golden Mix with the best personality.  Laid back, rarely barks (he loves talking with our deer) or jump and just wants to hang and have his head or belly patted.  The most gentle, easy going dog we've ever had... Even compared to old Tucker boy.

If you don't like dogs, don't worry. We'll keep him in our quarters. But if you'd like to say hi just let us know and we'll introduce you.  His eyes will melt your heart!